Spring Update

Well, it’s that time of year! When your social media is filled with plant starts and shouts of praise for robin sightings. It feels good to have some extra sunshine in the evening (no matter your feelings on daylight savings time). Even with the gusty wind we have been having for days and days and days……at least it isn’t cold! There is always a bright side.

It was almost exactly one year ago that our family moved back home to the ranch. It has been a wonderful 12 months – full of learning, full of succeeding and failing, full of life. We have loved it. Our family has never been closer, worked as hard, been more tired, or been happier. We wouldn’t trade it for anything. We love our little place, home on this range.

We moved home to the ranch knowing we would have to do more than cows, as the size of operation we run only supports one family. That is where Gallatin Grown came in. The garden was set up to allow two families to remain in ag, giving us ranch kids a chance to stay working at home. Gallatin Grown has produced thousands of pounds of delicious food sold and consumed in our area’s schools and restaurants. We have loved being a part of the local food chain and we see the value and importance of not only keeping future generations in ag, but in supplying the growing demand of locally grown food here in the Gallatin Valley. We have enjoyed and learned so much from this garden, but the time has come for a change.

We have decided to purchase a potato farm that has worked with our ranch for over 3 decades. This decision was not an easy one, as we knew we couldn’t do it all. We recognized that if we wanted to move forward with another business, we would need to reevaluate our current situation. We couldn’t run the ranch, start our venture in potatoes and continue to supply produce from the garden without losing the high quality we strive for in each of our businesses. After much talking and going back and forth, we decided to pass our Gallatin Grown markets on to other amazing local farmers. We truly have loved it and we feel it has been a blessing to our family, but we also have to recognize that the garden fulfilled its job and it proves that there are ways for the ranch kids out there to make it work to stay at home. We are very excited that there are other farmers who are willing to pick up where Gallatin Grown left off and we wish them the very best! In fact, we would love for more local families in ag to look into this idea for supplemental income. It is a fantastic opportunity that we hope continues to catch on and grow.

We want to thank every customer and our wonderful community who has supported Gallatin Grown over the years. From the beginning, the connection with people has been what makes this business special. We are grateful for the chance to be a part of something so incredible and it is our hope that the local food movement continues to grow in this wonderful valley we call home.

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