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A little about who we are and what we do on the farm.


Travis was raised on his family's dairy farm in Wisconsin and moved to the mountains of Montana in 1990. He worked a variety of jobs which helped build many useful skills around the farm today. He developed a strong work ethic growing up and it pairs nicely with his high energy. 

Melissa is the 5th generation on her family ranch which was established in 1881. She loves living in her childhood home and raising kids there. She not only takes care of the books, snacks for the crew, and running for parts as needed, she has been known to drive spud trucks during harvest, work the picking lines and make boxes for the washed potatoes. 

She and Travis married in 2002 and have spent their first fourteen years graduating from MSU, volunteering at church,  traveling across the United States with oil and gas exploration, working with a local business on a creative building expansion and raising their two amazing kids. 

They moved back to the ranch in 2016 to run the cattle, put up hay, and manage the organically grown vegetable garden while Melissa's father, Walt Sales, began his career in politics. A short while later, the neighboring potato farmer, Gene Cole, approached the Stubers with taking over his farm. After some time on their knees, they knew it was a perfect fit. In 2017 Cole Ag was born. The Coles have been farming potatoes since.......

Since the business switched hands, some changes have been made. The garden and cows are now gone and hold wonderful memories and valuable lessons, pivots now irrigate the crops with precision, and the name has been changed to Gallatin Grown.

Our family does not take lightly that it is a privilege to not only live in the Gallatin Valley, but to care for the land in it. We are constantly learning new and better practices while valuing the wisdom from the past. We do our best to enjoy the gift of farming while raising the 6th generation of kids on this ground. This farm has been a blessing to our family and that is a legacy we hope to pass along, today and tomorrow.

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